Client Spotlight - Lustgarten Foundation

System Assessment & Selection, Website Design & Development, Marketing Suite & Fundraising Platform Integration

Design with Purpose

The Lustgarten Foundation has a mission to advance research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of pancreatic cancer.

They recently went through an internal rebranding initiative which presented them with an opportunity to reassess their current technology suite.

Zuri Group partnered to assist with system selection and to design and code a website that integrates a suite of back-end and front-end platforms- providing a seamless user experience for donors, volunteers, staff, and the community impacted by pancreatic cancer that the Lustgarten Foundation serves.

A Fully-Integrated, End-to-end Solution

Long-time Blackbaud NetCommunity and Sphere users, the Lustgarten team embraced the opportunity to explore new technology options. Through extensive analysis, demonstrations, and review, they decided to move forward with Engaging Networks (eMarketing), Classy (donation forms, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising) and WordPress (CMS).

This suite of products provides the Lustgarten Foundation with the tools they need to support online fundraising and engagement initiatives, and the flexibility to modernize strategies that have already proven to be successful.

Data-Driven Design

Zuri Group knows that great design starts with a great user experience, so our redesign began in Google Analytics. Our analysts reviewed data to understand how visitors were currently interacting with the site, and identified opportunities for an improved user flow. They restructured site navigation, made content updates, and then handed things over to our incredible design team.

Our designers tied everything together with new layouts, tools and a custom WordPress theme. The design leverages industry best-practices in an easy-to-manage package that makes a big visual impact.

The end result is a modern website that puts UX (user experience) at the forefront and serves as a great resource for those impacted by pancreatic cancer– all without sacrificing eye-catching design.


Completely responsive, data-driven design that puts UX at the forefront

  Flexible site design for easy updates

Site-wide keyword search that allows users to quickly locate website content and provides deeper insights on user behavior

Dynamic news feed widgets that automatically update with the latest news about pancreatic cancer


 Conversion optimized donation impact page that seamlessly passes through donor information to Classy  

  Responsive donation forms that are optimized for conversion– regardless of device

  Fully-responsive, custom fundraising event microsite that completely integrates with the Classy fundraising platform and allows supporters to find, register, and donate to an event, team, or fundraiser

  Fully-branded DIY fundraising models that are completely integrated with the Classy fundraising platform and allow supporters to kickstart their own campaign in minutes

We are honored to partner with the Lustgarten Foundation, helping them customize and integrate their marketing, fundraising and digital content management platforms to continue to advance pancreatic cancer research.

Learn more about the Lustgarten Foundation at their website, find a Walk For Research event near you, or create your own DIY campaign.

We specialize in design that converts.

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