Strategy for your Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Pay-per-click Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Siteflow

Have you crafted keyword-rich content to engage, retain and convert visitors?

Having each page contain highly relevant keywords will boost rank in organic search engines. Quality content will also result in engaged visitors, more page views, better visitor retention, and improved goal completion.

How well is your source code structured?

Clean code makes search bots happy! Zuri Group is able to recommend and implement best practices for site code, header tag usage, meta data, alt/title tags, deploy and optimize OpenGraph protocol, ADA compliancy, and more.

Is your Analytics data useful?

Reporting is critical when applying siteside SEO changes. Site flow tracking can help convert visitors into donors. Page drilldown reports can reveal high-bounce and high-exit pages that need improvement. Custom goals and reports can provide data on your constituents that can be utilized in many other areas of your online presence – email campaigns, events, social media, and ecommerce.

Does each page have a clear Call-To-Action?

Visitors are browsing every page of your site, even ones you may not know about. Zuri Group can quickly pinpoint troubled pages, find errors, and suggest changes to content and siteflow. These changes prevent abandonment and convert visitors to donors!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and PPC

How relevant are your keywords?

Targeting the right keywords and ranking highly in organic and Paid (PPC) search is desirable, especially in competitive non-profit segments. Whether your organization has a regional or worldwide focus, building keyword relevancy is essential. A wide variety of proven methods; social media, backlinking and partnerships, press releases, PPC, and siteside SE will help you ‘own’ the best keywords.

Is it all just a Popularity Contest?

Google’s PageRank and other proprietary search algorithms can prove difficult to climb without a comprehensive strategy. This ‘popularity’ relies heavily on inbound traffic from highly regarded sites across the Internet. Zuri Group provides strategic consulting and white-hat techniques to boost PageRank – increasing variety and quality of inbound links.

Data Overload

Analyzing a vast amount of visitor data requires streamlined reporting, reliable KPI’s and strategic metrics tied to Donations, Shares, Calls-to-Action, outbound traffic, retention and user flow. Powerful tools like Google Analyics, Search Console and Data Studio will allow you to isolate valuable actionable metrics among an ocean of data.

PPC stagnation?

A well-designed paid ad (Pay-Per-Click) campaign can drive highly targeted traffic to your site…but poorly-planned campaigns can quickly become stagnant, repetitive and abandonment-leaders.

Zuri Group can help by providing an overall strategy or even actively manage your Google Ads, Google Grants, or Display Ad network campaigns to maximize ad effectiveness!

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