Engaging Networks

Strategy, Support & Expertise

Fundraising, Email and Advocacy Success on the Engaging Networks Platform


As an Engaging Networks accredited partner, Zuri Group’s team of on-demand technology experts have helped hundreds of nonprofits just like yours unlock the true potential of their software to support their organizational goals and advance their cause.


Engaging Networks is a powerful platform. Zuri Group can help you get the most from your technology investment

People, Process, and Technology

  • System on-boarding & migration
  • Payment Gateway vendor selection and set-up
  • Page Builder migration
  • Functional and technical training
  • Data integrations
  • API customization
  • Business intelligence and reporting

Digital Strategy

  • Enhance/customize your donation page UX for increased conversion
  • Implement Ecommerce tracking tools to improve donor experience and performance
  • Increase the success of your Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaigns
  • Create email templates so you can keep your donors engaged
  • Automate your communications

Holistic Solutions

Our fully responsive custom designs can help you enhance the fundraiser experience and leverage advanced analytics to improve your fundraising performance.

Seamless Giving

We can customize your donation forms to support a seamless experience for your donors and staff– all without sacrificing eye-catching, fully responsive design.

Complete Suite of Themes

Our custom, responsive themes can be used across donation pages, ticketed events, as well as P2P and DIY fundraising events. This ensures a cohesive look across your programs and sites, while still affording you the flexibility to customize content.

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