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Digital Fundraising Success

Zuri Group has been a leader in digital fundraising since the company’s founding in 2007. We have applied our model of¬†personalized client service and custom solutions to hundreds of nonprofit digital fundraising campaigns, turning challenges into successes for our clients.

Our expertise in digital fundraising encompasses everything from sustainer programs to peer to peer events, DIY fundraising to crowdfunding campaigns, and childhood sponsorship to grateful patient programs. Whether your organization is looking to revitalize an existing campaign, strategize on new potential, or maximize the impact of your technology, we will partner with your organization to find the right solution for your digital fundraising programs.

We provide:

Opportunity Assessment

We’ll work with your team to ensure your digital fundraising strategy inspires supporters and connects closely with your cause.

Content Marketing

We bring our technical expertise and strategic understanding of online fundraising and the user experience inline with your mission to help you achieve unprecedented results.

Today’s inboxes and social media channels are filled with competition for attention. We work with your messaging to ensure that it cuts through the clutter and delivers the right message, at the right time, to the right audience – turning casual readers into dedicated supporters.

Marketing and Recruitment Strategy

Successful projects begin with a clear and concise strategy formulated with measurable goals and objectives. With a solid strategy in mind, we’ll identify the best tactics and channels to fulfill your goals.

Donor Experience and Retention

Through better user experience, testing and analytics, optimize your registration and donation pathways.

DIY and Emerging Markets

Don’t miss out on exciting trends in digital fundraising that are raising millions!

Benchmarking and Health Checks

We’ll meet monthly for a full review of your campaign health. We’ll identify areas of opportunity for growth and prioritize recommendations based on potential impact for your organization.

Virtual Events

Get the most out of your virtual event with a clear strategy and strong performance. We’ll help design a unique experience that reinforces your brand and inspires your supporters.

Recurring Gift Programs

Establish an effective sustainer program to cultivate a community of givers and keep donations flowing each month.

Peer to Peer Campaigns

Activate your core community of supporters with P2P fundraising. From Facebook Fundraisers to custom p2p webpages, we’ll ensure you’re set up for success.

Digital Fundraising Solutions

Let’s take take your fundraising campaigns to the next level!

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