White Paper: Data Governance

Data Governance & Data Management for Nonprofits

Is your data healthy?

If you’ve recently undergone (or are about to embark on) a system conversion, campaign launch, leadership transition, or a reporting build/update- you may already have a pulse on this as these are some of the most common triggers that cause an organization to think about the state of their data. But even if your organization is not facing any of these particular challenges, it may still be time for a health check. Over time, inefficient processes and loss of data quality can result in information that is out of sync, stale, or inaccurate.

Performing a data audit can feel overwhelming, but it’s the first step to ensuring that one of your organization’s most valuable assets will be safeguarded for years to come. To help you get started, I’ve put together a free white paper that you can download by filling out the form below. In it, I dig into Data Governance and Data Management and break each piece out into actionable steps. I’ve also included a sample Data Governance Committee Charter and a Data Governance Policy Template that you can use to jumpstart your process.

White Paper: Data Governance & Data Management

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