White Paper: Advancement Staffing

Optimizing Team Size to Maximize Outcomes

Is your organization ready for its next advancement campaign?

In this white paper, Chris Cannon and Kate Nimety break down resource planning by campaign phase, and offer a data-driven methodology for optimal fundraising to support advancement staffing decisions.

Zuri’s formulaic approach incorporates organizational introspection with number-crunching to illustrate the industry standards for resourcing and expenditure and align best practices with practices that are best for your institution.

White Paper: Advancement Staffing

Staffing-up for a capital campaign, or even for stretch goal initiatives, can seem arbitrary – “We just need more people!” The reality is that there is a direct relationship between your organization’s strategy and objectives, fundraising goals, prospect pool, and solicitor talent which can help you optimize your advancement staffing plan, and make reasonable and justified resource requests.

Download the white paper to get access to:

  • The essential metrics that you need to know to ensure that your advancement campaign is adequately staffed
  • The kinds of tactical teams needed to support your advancement campaign
  • The key components of a campaign readiness assessment
  • A Fundraiser Formula that you can use to determine your organization’s ideal staffing needs

Do you have questions about an upcoming campaign?

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