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A Crowdfunding Campaign Goes Viral

When a Lustgarten Foundation supporter started a viral crowdfunding campaign during a Jeopardy game, the pancreatic cancer organization knew they needed to improve their donor experience— fast. So we worked together to give donors an experience they won’t soon forget.

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Nurturing Donor Journeys to Foster Results

A Jeopardy Tournament of Champions finalist asked his social media followers to donate to the Lustgarten Foundation during the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions show. At the time, Lustgarten had a viable donation pathway to support the campaign but realized that their flawed donor experience would likely generate less revenue from this rare crowdfunding opportunity.

We analyzed Lustgarten’s crowdfunding options and determined the best donor experience would come from creating a branded crowdfunding campaign within Classy, Lustgarten’s online fundraising platform. In under 48 hours, we delivered a branded, optimized giving environment with calls-to-action and autoresponders tailored specifically to this crowdfunding opportunity.

And when a good thing comes your way, why not maximize its potential? So, to expand the campaign’s reach and ultimately increase donations, we built pop-ups on Lustgarten’s site to attract website viewers to the crowdfunding campaign.

The results were astounding. In less than 48 hours, the Jeopardy campaign crowdfunded over $70,000 from over 250 unique donors. The real kicker? Over 50% of donors were first-time supporters of Lustgarten Foundation that are now being stewarded by the organization.

Mobile-responsive website design and build

Optimized fundraising user experience

  Set up auto responder eCommunication to thank donors in real-time

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P2P Fundraising strategy and support

We’re thrilled Lustgarten Foundation called on us to prepare for this significant fundraising opportunity, and we’re delighted to provide the technological and strategic support to help fulfill their goals.

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