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Often overlooked in the software implementation process, a CRM Health Check can help you assess team readiness, evaluate user needs, reprioritize efforts, and boost morale.

The goal of the Health Check is an honest assessment of needs based on a conversation with users.

What is it?

Designed for organizations that have been on their new CRM system for at least twelve months, the CRM Health Check by Zuri Group results in an assessment about the present state of things, and what should come next.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased adoption
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better use of staff time and resources
  • Greater confidence in your fundraising systems and operations

How it works

Held just before a system transition to asses readiness (or sometime after go-live in response to lowered productivity), a Health Check typically consists of three to four days of discussions spread across various user groups within the organization and led by two to three of our solutions specialists.

Those involved on the organization side range from special events planners, board members, and frontline fundraisers, to database administrators and SQL developers.

From these discussions, we work with your team to uncover gaps in reporting, outline potential changes to business processes, validate or reevaluate frustrations, and explore the pain points of users and their internal constituents.

Our solutions specialists are on hand to facilitate and to assess the level of effort, viability, and long-term value of requests for changes to configuration or customization of the system.

What happens next

The final output of a health check generally includes a written assessment of findings compiled by our team. In it, we summarize the most commonly requested functionality, changes, points of anxiety, suggested business process changes, data hygiene issues, quick wins, and a matrix of projected levels of effort to resolve each item (with our assistance, if desired).

With this breakdown, leadership is informed and empowered to prioritize improvements and advocate for investment in critical areas of functionality.

We’ve performed a CRM Health Check for these organizations:

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If you’re curious about how a CRM Health Check could help your organization, please let us know! We have helped hundreds of organizations successfully transition to new systems – from system selection, through implementation and beyond.