Blackbaud Data Warehouse Sync Utility

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Blackbaud’s data warehouse requires monthly backups and staff time spent backing up, transmitting and restoring SQL Server Database. This can result in hours of maintenance and extra work, and limits quick access to data.

We created our own solution that allows you to have an updated copy of your data warehouse, every morning.

How does it work?

Using the Blackbaud SDK, we created a custom Blackbaud CRM business process that identifies the incremental data changes to your data warehouse each night and securely transfers these changes to another environment.

Once you deploy our Blackbaud Data Warehouse Sync to your production environment, you’ll schedule a business process to run after your nightly Blackbaud Data Warehouse ETL refresh, and then schedule a small utility to run in your local environment.


What are the benefits?

A Savings in Time and Resources

No more waiting to receive your monthly backups from Blackbaud. And no more hours spent backing up, transmitting, and restoring SQL Server Databases. With our BBDW Sync, you’ll have an updated copy of your data warehouse every morning.

Secure Nightly Updates

Our sync will be set to run nightly, identifying the incremental changes to your data and then securely transfering these changes to another environment.

Accessible Data

Our sync will allow you to connect your reporting tools (e.g. – Tableau, Power BI, Advizor) directly to the information in your data warehouse.

These organizations are using our Sync Utility solution:

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