Luminate Online Solutions

Your Job Just Got Easier.
Does your nonprofit need Luminate Online support? Zuri Group can help! Our support agents will be your on-demand technology experts. If you, your staff, campaigners, or donors need help using any portion of the Luminate Online platform, we offer a knowledgeable ear and a timely solution.

We act as an extension of your team to get the job done and answer those questions that are stopping you from success. We cover all Luminate Online modules, including the Content Management System and general administrative configurations. Support requests can range from “how do I reverse a recent recurring gift transaction” to “please build a donation form for our upcoming campaign”

Use our support ticket system to track your requests to resolution. Staff are available from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm eastern. Packages are available based on your need.


Your Fundraiser Just Broke Records.
Our TeamRaiser experts are here to make sure you’re maximizing the platforms functionality and giving your supporters the tools they need to succeed. Let our team’s expertise and experience support your peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives. Whether it’s a single DIY event or a multi-city run/walk event, we can help ensure your focus is where it needs to be and TeamRaiser is working for you.

Let us help you:

  • Build a cohesive fundraising portal for your multi-event program
  • Enhance the usability and responsiveness of your fundraising site
  • Go beyond TeamRaiser with engagement tools and custom fundraising incentives
  • Train your team on how to manage an event on the front-end and back-end through the Luminate Online administrative panel
  • Maximize Luminate Online and TeamRaiser built-in tools, like s-tags and coaching emails

Digital Fundraising Expertise

Data Just Joined Your Team.
Expand your team with our digital consultants. We help you use Luminate Online strategically to support your goals. Tap into a network of experts to stay up-to-date with the most effective digital fundraising practices, and skillfully strategize, setup, and maintain your Luminate Online account.

We are dedicated to helping you better engage your constituents, grow your relationship with donors and raise more funds. Our Google certified consultants, can make your data work for you.

Want to do more? We have a wealth of knowledge in all things Luminate Online, including CRM connectors and the Application Program Interface.

Luminate Online Onboarding and Migration

Your Migration Project Just Became a Success!
Welcome to Luminate Online! Congratulations.  Now what?

Luminate Online is a powerful fundraising platform. So powerful, it’s hard to absorb all its entities during the on-boarding process with Blackbaud.  Zuri Group can help make the onboarding process less stressful and ensure your team has the resources needed to start managing and operating the new system. Zuri Group can pick up where Blackbaud left off post go-live, or jump in prior to ensure you meet your launch date, and feel comfortable along the way.

Whether you’re moving to Luminate Online from a legacy fundraising system, or if this is your first time working with an online fundraising platform, we’re here to help.

Onboarding and Migration Services

  • Training and documentation
  • Onboarding and best-practice consulting
  • Luminate Online configurations and site setup
  • TeamRaiser and event implementation and edits
  • Reporting and navigating through custom report development
  • Donation forms and campaign or designation management
  • Ticketed event configurations and strengths or limitations
  • Email marketing and optimizing Luminate Online key features like Groups and engagement series’

Does your team need some Luminate Online support?

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