A Mobile Alumni Directory to Connect Your Community

MobileAlum alumni directory

Cultivate a connected, online community as an extension of your campus. MobileAlum is a custom-branded mobile app for your alumni to connect with alma mater. Alumni can find fellow graduates, follow your school’s social media feeds, and update contact information directly from the app. Built with industry-leading technology from Facebook and Amazon, MobileAlum provides an experience your alumni will enjoy and you can rely on.

Right connections at the right time

Our powerful search tools within the alumni directory help your alumni find exactly who they’re looking for. From catching up with distant classmates to networking and collaborating with nearby alums, MobileAlum encourages your community to connect.

  • Start on a map with nearby users for the perfect path to start connecting with neighboring alumni.
  • When planning a business trip, alumni can move the map to find the right people to connect with.
  • Our advanced search can locate alumni based on their industry or educational background making it easy for users to find peers with the specific knowledge they’re seeking.

Your community at your fingertips

You are always in control of membership within your community and what they share.

  • You’ll be notified when alumni register for access, and you can easily match them to your database record to confirm their identity.
  • Don’t lose eager seniors trying to connect. Defer their membership and grant them access when they graduate!
  • See what’s new with your alumni with a clear list of the changes they’ve made to their profiles.
MobileAlum alumni directory

Connecting with the alma mater

Just as important as connecting with each other, MobileAlum makes it easy for alumni to connect with your institution.

  • Updating contact, work, and educational information is two taps away.
  • Embed your institution’s social media pages, important alerts, or even reunion details right inside your app.
  • Include your donation page so it’s easy to make a gift when your alumni are ready to give back.

Always up-to-date

MobileAlum makes it easy to transfer data back-and-forth between the app and your CRM so you can stay on top of what’s happening in your community.

  • Import data from your CRM, and turn address data into locations with our Google Maps integration.
  • Export all of your users, or find just the group you want to see.
  • See clear analytics on how your community is doing and what they’re up to.

We work with you and your database

Our team has over 100 years of Blackbaud software experience. Blackbaud CRM, Raisers Edge, NXT – we work with that.

Our team is also well-versed in other leading systems including Millenium, Salesforce, Advance, Banner, NeonCRM.

Right now, MobileAlum works best with BBCRM. But wherever you manage your alumni data, let’s talk.

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