A new global day of giving and unity is taking place as an emergency response to COVID-19. On May 5, 2020, organizations and supporters alike will participate in Giving Tuesday Now, established by GivingTuesday as a means to help nonprofit organizations affected by the challenges of our current social environment.

As we have seen, a global threat like COVID-19 touches the lives of nearly every person on the planet. Nonprofit organizations that typically serve the most vulnerable populations have undertaken major financial challenges due to cancelled fundraising events and unforeseen drops in revenue. Similar to the spirit of the traditional Giving Tuesday (still scheduled for December 1, 2020), Giving Tuesday Now presents an opportunity to lend a hand to our global community by creating a wave of generosity, citizen engagement, and action.

Leading up to May 5, Zuri Group will share simple fundraising tips and ways to show support on Giving Tuesday Now. We’ll be adding ideas for you to launch a successful campaign, so check back on this blog for inspiration and to celebrate the day of giving with us.

As you prepare your #GivingTuesdayNow strategy, craft your campaign ask with these 3 thoughts in mind:

Tips for Successful Fundraising on Giving Tuesday Now

Update your website for #GivingTuesdayNow

A few simple additions to your organization’s website will go a long way in attracting action on May 5th. A homepage pop-up or interstitial message informing donors that Giving Tuesday Now is coming up will prepare your donors to take action when asked. Grab some graphics from Giving Tuesday and start crafting your message! While you’re there, take a peek at some ways your community of supporters can participate on your behalf. On May 5th, turn your homepage into a big #GivingTuesdayNow celebration with quick, clear actions for donations. Don’t forget to show your appreciation with direct donor shout-outs and messages of gratitude throughout the day!

Crowdfund for a specific need

Right now, all of your giving asks are mission critical. More than ever, you need support to maintain your organization’s ability to serve your constituents. Consider using Giving Tuesday Now as an opportunity to fund a specific program or service directly affected by COVID-19. This could be anything from buying personal protective equipment for your vulnerable community members, funding a critical program for Americans in need, or providing support for a new initiative started as a result of the pandemic. By making a direct ask and explaining why your cause is important, your dedicated supporters with the ability to give will rise to the challenge.

Go LIVE with Updates and Gratitude

Plan to spend the majority of Giving Tuesday Now on social media. Share the success of your funding efforts with posts and photos of community members supporting your cause. Take it one step further by going live on Facebook or Instagram to update your community on the day’s progress. Your supporters will appreciate your courage and commitment! You can even invite your organization’s VIP community to join you live—take the opportunity to explain why your ask is both critical and urgent. We suggest going live at least 2-3 times and posting to your social profiles even more often on Tuesday, May 5th.

Simple Celebrations for Giving Tuesday Now

Making a charitable donation is the most common way to recognize #GivingTuesdayNow, but it sure isn’t the only way to celebrate! Here are some simple ways for you to participate in the global day of giving and unity.

Share the gift of music

Make a playlist of your favorite tunes and share it with your friends. There’s nothing like spreading good vibes through beats and harmony!

Support local farmers

Purchase lunch or dinner ingredients at a family-owned grocery store or a local farm stand to support local food producers. Your heart and belly will feel the love!

Write a letter to a loved one

Share what you’ve been up to, things you’re grateful for, or how your loved one has impacted your life. They will appreciate the kind gesture, and your letter might just become a special keepsake.

Support a charitable organization or small business

Give a gift to your favorite charity or purchase a gift certificate from a small business. Your support during this time is essential to their success!

Make someone happy

#GivingTuesdayNow is all about providing support and unity. What better way to embody this mission than by simply making someone happy! Whether you cheer up a friend, help a stranger, or do a good deed, celebrate Giving Tuesday Now by making a positive impact on someone’s day.


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