When I founded Zuri Group twelve years ago, I did so based upon relationships. Our small group wanted to help those nonprofit organizations we believed in and provide them the kind of support they deserved. Now, after looking around the room last week at the inaugural Zuri Group Summit, I see how far that vision has taken us.

We wanted our Summit to be the kind of intimate gathering that let people have a unique experience. We hoped that everyone would find a space where they could share with leaders that faced similar challenges.

The nonprofit leaders who came to the Standard Hotel in NYC at the High Line last week did just that; they created an amazing space where true feelings were let out, ideas and solutions shared, and friendships were made. It was the kind of relationship-building I had in mind when we started Zuri Group.

As a company of now around fifty wonderful technologists, we are a team who are as experienced as anyone in the nonprofit sector. As I say, we don’t have a B-team.

That saying applies to not only our staff, but also to our clients. We’ve been fortunate to build on our early client relationships with folks such as Heifer International, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. It’s thanks to the trust our clients have put in us to support their missions that we are able to do what we love doing every day.

For the Zuri Group team, the Summit reinforced the strength of the values we started with twelve years ago.

We are committed to objectivity

It hasn’t always been easy. There are pressures to work in the market in certain ways. However, we’ve chosen to chart our course on the path of the client and not the vendors. We work hard every day to be objective and fair, positive where we can, negative where we have to be, and to be that trusted source our clients can count on.

We play well with others

Working to be objective means we have play nicely in lots of sandboxes. To do that we make sure the focus is not on the sandbox, but on the mission of our client and the problem they’re trying to solve. When we do that – it all works.

We champion right-sized solutions

I’ve always believed that nonprofits should have access to the same kind of advice and support that for-profit companies rely on. I’ve promised clients from day one that we wouldn’t charge them when it wasn’t necessary, that we’d be fair in how we manage contracts, and that we’d build the right solutions to solve the right problems. By staying objective and playing well with others, we’ve been able to keep that promise.

Thank you, to our clients who came to NYC last week, from the entire Zuri Group team. It was a wonderful experience. The sharing among the peers of so many leaders in their fields was incredible to witness. The excitement from the group to do this again next year was contagious.

I hope to see you all next year at the second annual Zuri Group Client Summit! 


Zuri Group provides strategic and technology consulting to help nonprofit organizations raise more money, build stronger relationships, and make data-driven decisions. We are a Salesforce System Integrator (SI), and our innovative team has extensive experience in nonprofit fundraising, operations, and digital strategy.

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