bbcon 2019, the Blackbaud conference, is one of the leading conferences for technology in the social good and nonprofit space – and it’s right around the corner!

Over the last thirteen years, I have attended bbcon in several capacities – as a ‘baudian, client representative, partner, and engaged industry member. With nineteen tracks and twenty-five products to support – there’s a lot to cover in a short amount of time at a single conference.

To help you maximize your time and get the most out of the conference, I’ve put together a shortlist of recommended sessions (broken out by organizational roles), and I’m also sharing some tips that I’ve picked up as a veteran bbcon attendee.


The Ultimate Nonprofit Guide to bbcon 2019 - from the nonprofit consulting experts at Zuri Group

bbcon 2019 Attendee Session Reference Guide

I’ve compiled all of the bbcon 2019 roadmap sessions, along with my recommended sessions broken out by organizational role into a Google Sheet that you can access from any device:

  • BI Leaders
  • Data Management
  • Development Leaders
  • Digital Leaders
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Ed
  • Implementation
  • IT Leaders
  • Management

You’ll find links to the session details on the bbcon 2019 site, along with information on date and time so you can see your recommended session schedule at-a-glance.

Tips for Making the Most of bbcon 2019

Seek out likeminded peers.

Take a look at the speaker list to see which of your peers is leading a session. Support them and learn from them – go to their sessions.

Roadmap Sessions are gold.

If you use the product, go to the roadmap session. If you are considering the product, go to the roadmap session.

Don’t miss these speakers:

Don’t be afraid to prioritize networking over sessions.

Brainstorming with industry peers to tackle systemic or business-related issues are likely more life-changing than the session on managing your duplicates. Remember, if you’re the smartest person in the room (at the conference), you’re in the wrong room. Seek those who have done it first, who’ve been doing it longer or who inspire you – buy them coffee/beer/breakfast and pick their brains.

(Or, ask me to introduce you and I will buy the snacks and beverages.)

Set aside time to get outside.

The Gaylord partnership has it’s perks, but there is a downside. One year, I didn’t take a single breath of outdoor, fresh air for three full days.

Don’t make that mistake! We’re hosting a Topgolf event on Wednesday night so you can get some face-to-face time with colleagues, food, fun, and fresh outdoor air!

Forget to register? That’s ok. Email me and I will sneak you onto the list!

Can’t make it? Also ok; email me and let’s grab a bite to eat or go for a walk outside together!

Happy bbcon!

Karen Collins is the VP of Client Success here at Zuri Group and is a certified Project Management Professional by the Project Management Institute. She has a proven track record in bringing a sense of organization, quality and formalized process to complex, multi-tiered projects.

Going to bbcon 2019?

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