It happens to the best of us – temporary tables and other unnecessary data take up disk space and cause poor performance. Luckily, there’s an easy solution! Today, we’ll show you to get a clean database in Blackbaud CRM.

Standard disclaimer – Always test out these processes in a non-production environment first to ensure the desired outcome before running in Production.

In CRM Administration, there’s a tool called Database Growth Management.

Refreshing the Database Growth Management analysis report allows you to view details regarding the contents of your database. Running this analysis on a regular basis allows you to track database growth over time. From here, you can start to identify opportunities to clean up your data.

For example, the Audit Tables tab will allow you to see how much of your total database size is audit table information. Do you need to audit all these tables, or can some be turned off?  What is your organization’s policy on how long you need to retain the audit data?

And here’s where we see the real value that this tool provides- not only does the report show you what types of data is taking up space in your database, it also allows you remove data you don’t need by running Global Change processes to remove unwanted data.

So, once you’ve determined how long you need to keep your audit data, you can use Global Change to delete audit data that is older than your audit data retention policy requires.

Or, on the Business Process History tab, you can add Global Changes to delete old business process output (i.e. export results) and old Batch reports.

By refreshing the analysis report and running global changes on a regular basis you will be able to mitigate unnecessary growth and keep your CRM database as trim as possible.  This will help in everything from reducing the cost of disk storage capacity to shortening the length of nightly database maintenance tasks and business processes.

Happy cleaning!


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