This month marks the 10th anniversary for the first Blackbaud CRM go-live! I can’t believe it’s already been a decade since I  celebrated the go-live of Blackbaud CRM (BBEC) with my friends at Heifer International. Since that time, Heifer has been joined by nearly 150 organizations that collectively touch millions of people and raise billions of dollars to help find cures for diseases, promote higher education, fight world hunger and fund many other important causes. The Zuri Group family has had the distinct honor of working with many of these organizations, so we wanted to find a way to celebrate this momentous milestone.

Free Downloads for Blackbaud CRM Tools

We are pleased to announce a new section of our website dedicated to free downloads for commonly requested Blackbaud CRM features, and we’re kicking things off with the most commonly requested Blackbaud CRM feature– Converting an Organization Record to an Individual Record. This customization can be installed into your CRM instance and will allow you to easily convert an organization to an individual.

What Should We Build Next?

We want to hear what else you would like us to build, so please share your ideas with us and vote on features submitted by others on our new Zuri Group Idea Board. Since Zuri Group started in 2007, our team members have supported the local communities we live in. We want to support our virtual communities as well– that’s why we are committed to setting aside a percentage of our team’s time to help build out the features that are important to the Blackbaud CRM community.

For requested features with enough interest and a reasonable investment, Zuri Group will build these free of charge and add them to our free downloads page.  For larger, more involved features, we’ll look to partner with interested organizations and pool our combined resources to deliver budget-based solutions.


We look forward to your ideas and feedback!


As President of CRM Services, Ken leads the CRM team on custom client projects. He also develops software solutions, such as Aqueduct, that benefit nonprofit organizations.

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